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Transitions timeline – who does what, when?

What should happen is set out in laws and guidance from the Scottish Government.  

 This timeline shows how the process should work if these duties are being met. 

 You can read more about how this works in practice, and available support, in the Planning for Transition section on this website.

 Under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, everyone who supports young people through the transition to adulthood must have the young person’s wellbeing at the centre, both during the process and in any decisions.  Click here to view the timeline which must be followed.



Image of CompassCompass is a digital tool created by ARC Scotland to help everyone involved in transitions planning to understand the process better and prepare for change.  

Compass supports young people to explore what matters to them, and share their thoughts with people they trust. It gives parents and carers a transitions timeline that shows where they are in the process and points them to key actions at each stage. The professional tool has guidance on the statutory duties that apply to transitions, and clarifies responsibilities. All three versions link to the best sources of information currently available, and are specific to Scotland. 

 Compass is free and can be used by anyone who has additional support needs or who supports someone who does. 

 Click here to sign up to the right version for you.