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Legal aid

What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid can help with legal costs. A solicitor has to apply to the Scottish Legal Aid Board on your behalf.

Who qualifies?

Applicants need to prove they can’t pay, and that the matter is important.

A parent or carer can request legal aid in the name of a young person under the age of 16, rather than their own name. This is useful when making a guardianship application. As most young people have little or no personal income or savings they may be more likely to qualify.

If you are applying for welfare powers, for example in a guardianship or intervention order, legal aid is likely to be awarded regardless of the level of income or savings.

Finding a solicitor

Many people report it is difficult to qualify for legal aid or to find a solicitor to accept legal aid cases.

The Law Society of Scotland has an online directory of solicitors that will take legal aid cases and you can search for legal services where you live.

Appealing a decision

If you are refused legal aid, your solicitor can ask the Scottish Legal Aid Board to reconsider their decision. However if the decision still stands following an appeal, it is likely you will have to pay privately.



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