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Where can we get support for Transition Planning during Covid-19?

Parents and young people will be concerned about what the closure of schools means for the rest of their school year.  Transitions planning might not have happened in school yet so what can you do?

Help and support is available

Your school and school pupil support team may already be putting in place plans to contact each individual young person to discuss transition plans.  You can also contact them directly during this time with any questions you may have and they should be able to help work things through to support young people at this time.  Guidance staff can also be contacted through the school or enquiries section of school websites if you don’t have a direct email or telephone number.

Skills Development Scotland is continuing to provide career, information, advice and guidance for all young people. School Careers Advisers are endeavouring to keep in touch with pupils and are looking at how they can further develop on-line services to support them. You can keep in touch using telephone, skype or email. Each school will have information for the local careers advisers so do get in touch with your school in the first instance.

You can also continue to use the Skills Development Scotland website “My World of Work” for support whatever your next steps are. 

Enable Scotland are putting in place online transition support to young disabled people (and their parents) approaching transition from school in light of the COVID19 closures.

The Stepping Up schools team will offer support remotely via a number of options (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp video, phone) and are making their service available to a young person with an additional support need in the senior phase of school ANYWHERE in Scotland.