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Real life stories

We sometimes learn the most from people who’ve been in the same situation as ourselves.

Browse our collection of transition experiences – and if you have a story you’d like to share, please let us know. We’ll be adding more as time goes by.

Please note: some names have been changed.

Legal matters

Guardianship needn’t cost a fortune – Tips from a parent who got help to apply for Legal Aid.

When the police get involved – A parent describes what happened when the police were called to her son.

Benefits and finance

Direct payments make you a partner, not a passenger – What it’s like to manage your own support budget.

Stepping stones to independence – How two young people used their Transition Fund grants (with thanks to ILF Scotland).

Learning opportunities

How exams work when you’re home schooling – An insight into the range of possibilities.

Starting university – a student’s view – A deaf student describes the first weeks at university and the support that helped.

Starting university – a parent’s view – What’s involved in getting the right support, then taking a step back.

Planning for transition

Making sure Laura’s voice is heard – How to pass on your knowledge of your young person to those who need to know.

Getting a job?

Everyone’s a winner – Disabled people in East Renfrewshire are developing new skills and providing a valuable service at the same time.

Window on the world of work – How one parent set up a successful work placement that has transformed her son.




Getting in touch with the Contact helpline

You can get in touch with our helpline by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter, and we can access an interpreter if necessary.
Find out more about how to contact us.



Useful links

Parent and carer support networks can be the best sources of local information and advice.


Download the list below, or contact us to ask about support groups in your area.


Workshop handouts

As part of our transition workshop programme, we produced short directories of local services for each area visited. Click on the image to download any handbook.


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Check you're up to date with any benefit changes. Speak to a specialist benefit adviser to check you're making the best choices for…

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