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UK wide organisation providing information and help around choosing university courses and applying to university.

Universal Credit

A new welfare payment, introduced in 2018, that replaces six existing benefits- income support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income-related ESA, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit and Housing Benefit.¬†Currently in the process of being introduced across Scotland and not yet operating fully in all areas.

Vocational training

Allows students to train or study for a work related qualification through a high level of practical, work based experience.

YEAP or Youth Employment Activity Plan

This is a list of organisations providing vocational and employment training, produced by local councils under the Opportunities for All initiative.

Getting in touch with the Contact helpline

The Contact helpine provides information, advice and support by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. We support parents and carers who have a child with any kind of disability or special need from 0-25 years. Find out more about Contact’s Helpline service and how to get in touch.



Useful links


Parent and carer support networks can be the best sources of local information and advice. Download our list of networks, or contact us to ask about support groups in your area.

Local and National Services that can help

We have produced 5 directories which list local and national organisations that can help with support around transitions. Find out more on our Directory pages