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Legal aid

Helps pay for legal advice and representation in court where someone is unable to meet the cost themselves. It is likely to be granted where the application is on behalf of someone under 16 and requiring protection or support.

Local area coordinator

Some local authorities have someone within social services who supports people at risk of isolation to find and engage with local services and community programmes. They can be an excellent source of information and signposting to relevant services, but it isn’t their role to provide intensive support.

Local authority

This is often called the council. It’s the organisation that provides essential public services in your area, including education, social services and housing. People elect councillors to manage local services, and every council makes its own decisions about how it spends money to do this. That’s why services can be different in different areas.

Mandatory reconsideration

The first step in challenging a decision by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions). It involves asking them to look at their decision again.

Modern apprenticeship

Provides practical, work-based training for people who have left school, and the chance to work towards a qualification.

National levels

Qualifications, usually gained within school, that prepare pupils for higher levels of education or training.

Non-advanced education

Usually a course that leads to a qualification below HNC level, or no formal qualification.

Opportunities for All

The Scottish Government’s commitment to supporting all young people to take part in education, work or training from the age of 16. This commitment extends into someone’s 20s where they have additional support needs or have been unemployed for more than 9 months.


A goal or end result that an individual wants to achieve.

Getting in touch with the Contact helpline

The Contact helpine provides information, advice and support by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. We support parents and carers who have a child with any kind of disability or special need from 0-25 years. Find out more about Contact’s Helpline service and how to get in touch.



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Parent and carer support networks can be the best sources of local information and advice. Download our list of networks, or contact us to ask about support groups in your area.

Local and National Services that can help

We have produced 5 directories which list local and national organisations that can help with support around transitions. Find out more on our Directory pages