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Fair Start Scotland

An employment support service in Scotland to help people find work. Participation doesn’t affect any existing benefits.

Fairer Scotland for Disabled People

The Scottish Government’s plan to reduce the disability employment gap by 2021 in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Foundation apprenticeship

Gives pupils is S5 or S6 the chance to learn in the workplace while still in school or college.


Stands for “Getting It Right For Every Child”. It was introduced by the Scottish Government as a framework for all services for children, young people and families, to make it easier to work together and focus on the needs of the individual. Social work, education, health, housing and many other organisations should all base what they do on GIRFEC guidelines.


An order made through the Sheriff Court that appoints one or more guardians to act for someone who doesn’t have capacity to manage their own affairs.


University entry level qualification with the Scottish education system.


The UK government department responsible for collecting taxes, paying some forms of state support, and administering financial regulations.

HNC or Higher National Certificate

An undergraduate level qualification broadly equivalent to a first year in university and usually completed in one or two years.

HND or Higher National Diploma

A work related undergraduate level qualification broadly equivalent to 2 years in university.

Independent financial adviser

Provides advice and support with all aspects of financial planning, including mortgages, tax and pension planning. Advice should be free and tailored to your particular needs. An adviser may recommend financial products to you but you aren’t under any obligation to accept their recommendations.

Individual Service Fund

Sometimes called a Personal Budget, this is the money available to someone to pay for support.

Intervention order

An order through the Sheriff Court that appoints one or more people to act for someone who doesn’t have capacity to manage their own affairs in a specific, one-off scenario.

Getting in touch with the Contact helpline

The Contact helpine provides information, advice and support by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. We support parents and carers who have a child with any kind of disability or special need from 0-25 years. Find out more about Contact’s Helpline service and how to get in touch.



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Parent and carer support networks can be the best sources of local information and advice. Download our list of networks, or contact us to ask about support groups in your area.

Local and National Services that can help

We have produced 5 directories which list local and national organisations that can help with support around transitions. Find out more on our Directory pages