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Child Trust Funds

Piggy bank with Child Trust Fund written on it

Child Trust Funds (CTF) came of age in 2020 when the first generation of child trust fund account holders, born in 2002, reached the age of 18 and were able to start managing their money. Children born between September 2002 and January 2011 received £500 in government vouchers as an incentive to join the scheme. However there has been limited consideration across the UK regarding what would happen if children lacked the mental capacity to manage their finances and access their accounts upon turning 18. In Scotland, if someone is incapable of managing their finances, you can apply to the Office of Public Guardian to access specified funds on their behalf through the Access to Funds Scheme (ATF). A person or organisation authorised under this scheme is referred to as a withdrawer.

The fee for ATF applications related to the closure of a CTF account will be waived. Applications can be made to the Office of Public Guardian provided that the account holder is habitually resident in Scotland. Before making an application, applicants should contact a member of the ATF team on 01324 677140 or via email at to discuss their individual circumstances. Further information on the Access to Funds Scheme can be found on the Office of the Public Guardian Scotland website.